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The BIPOC Bookshelf is GROWING and we are in need of volunteers! If you are passionate about uplifting and supporting the BIPOC writing, reading, and literary professional communities, are looking to expand your platform while supporting our project, help make big decisions for our next phases, and make new connections, then please review the positions below and APPLY HERE.

Open to ALL. Allies welcomed.

These are some of the areas in which the BIPOC Bookshelf could potentially need assistance.

  • Donor/Donate

  • Web Developer

  • Board Member

  • BB Manager - Adult Titles (research, data entry)

  • BB Manager - Young Adult Titles (research, data entry)

  • BB Manager - Middle Grade Titles (research, data entry)

  • BB Manager - Picture Book Titles (research, data entry)

  • Editor (editing Guest Writer pieces, mentoring assistant editors, create topics)

  • Assistant Editor (support editor, inquire with potential Guest Writers, scheduling)

  • Blog Contributor (creating informational posts)

  • Graphic Designer

  • Copy Editor

  • Advisor / Mentor

  • Social Media Director (managing IG,Tik, and Twit teams)

  • Instagram / TikTok Manager

  • Twitter Manager

  • Booster - Retweet/repost on social platforms

  • Tax Advisor (pro bono)

  • Legal Council (pro bono)

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