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Thank you for stopping by! If you'd like to be notified (once a month or every couple of months) about what's new on The BIPOC Bookshelf website, you have two options below. No pressure and no spam of course.

1. PATREON Subscriber

All Patrons will have access to our detailed newsletter called The BIPOC Bookshelf Peep Newsletter, which will be similar to THIS. Each tier has more benefits than the previous tier.

The funds will go towards website hosting and domain costs, giveaways, technical support, production, as well as bills which will allow us to continue our research, curate information, and continue to assist readers, writers, and publishing professionals.


There are five tiers:

1.  Tip Jar Peep: $1 per Month / $12 per Year

2. Pickle Jar Peep: $3 per Month / $36 per Year

3. Cookie Jar Peep: $5 per Month / $60 per Year

4. Jam Jar Peep: $10 per Month / $120 per Year

5. Honey Jar Peep: $25 per Month / $300 per Year


2. General Subscriber

As a general subscriber, you will be notified with a short and sweet newsletter stating the website has been updated. Similar in length to THIS or shorter.

Sign up below!

Yay! Now go read a book ;)

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