Welcome to THE BIPOC BOOKSHELF - a place for readers, writers, and publishing professionalsHere you'll find stories created by Black, Indigenous, People of Color, marginalized, and underrepresented authors. Intersectionalities included! You'll also find resources for writers who hope to have their own stories published one day.


The BIPOC Bookshelf was created because, as a child, I struggled to find stories with characters who shared the same identities as me. I wanted to read about characters unlike those that currently dominate the publishing industry. Hopefully our website and databases will make for easy searching, researching, connecting, and discovering!

Since The BIPOC Bookshelf is unable to vet all stories, publishing professionals, and shared information, please do additional research if need be! There are titles here that we can't wait to read and resources we can't wait to share!


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- AJ Black

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    The Founder & Creative Director of the BIPOC Bookshelf.
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    I write: YA & Adult Fantasy

    I'm a: Graphic Designer & Associate Producer

    What I'm Reading Now: A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Rosie A. Brown

    I love writing and reading about fantastical places and things. Nothing against our world, but sometimes you need to escape. When I'm not doing that, I'm watching anime, working on designs, singing some Erykah or Beyonce song or playing videogames.

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    BIPOC Bookshelf Twitter Manager
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    I write: YA & Adult SFF Writer

    I'm a: Grad Student, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Writer & Runner

    What I'm Reading Now: The Flash by Mark Waid, vol 4

    I'm a quietly queer writer just trying to make if through this muddled game called life.  When I'm not writing or science-ing, I'm running marathons and geeking out about everything from The Flash to whatever my current musical obsession is.


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