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  • What is the BIPOC Bookshelf?
    Formerly known as "The Bookshelf", the BIPOC Bookshelf is a free resource center. It features a story/title database, an agents and editors database, uplifiting creatives, writers, and publishing professionals who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color, marginalized, and underrepresented. Intersectionalities included.
  • I'm a BIPOC author with a book I'd like to add to your site. How do I do that?
    In the menu, under the "BIPOC Bookshelf" page, there is a subpage dedicated to authors! Or you can go here: Fill out the form and don't forget to email your high quality cover! We are accepting traditionally published titles, select self-published titles, all fiction, and select nonfiction genres.
  • I'm a BIPOC Agent or Editor in traditional publishing and would like to be added to your database. What do I do?
    Please fill out this form: Don't forget to email your photo to bipocbookshelf at gmail dot com! More Information: The Bookshelf is looking for Black, Indigenous, People of color, Marginalized and Underrepresented (BIPOC) Agents & Editors of traditional publishing. Intersectionalities included! (Traditional literary agencies and publishing houses) By filling this form, you are giving The (BIPOC) Bookshelf permission/consent to share your information on their website as resource information. Your email information WILL NOT be shared with third parties. The only contact info shared will be your twitter link and website link. (whether that's your own page or employer's) It will also be noted on the website to NOT send unsolicited inquiries unless stated otherwise.
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