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Liquid City, Vol. 1 (Liquid City)

Sonny Liew (Editor), Various Writers


Anthology, Graphic Novel, Science Fiction

Pre 2015

Editor: Sonny Liew
Writers: Sonny Liew, Jon Foster, Chin Sau Lim, Ken Foo, Shari Chankhammer, Otto Fong, Michael Chuah, Ray Toh , Mike Carey, Koh Hong Teng, Lat, Kuanth, Fong Nguyen, Ho Seng Hui, Gary Choo, Suttichart Srapaiwanich, Lefty, Hu Jing Xuan, Drewscape, Charlene Chuah, Wayne Santos, Leong Wan Kok, F.S.C., Troy Chin, Kaoru, Gerry Alanguilan, C2V

The full-color Liquid City anthology brings together creators based mainly in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. From Leong Wan Kok's distinct post-apocalyptic landscapes and alien creatures to Lat's unique and charming take on Malaysian life, from Mike Carey's meditation on colonialism to Ken Foo's dark tales of regurgitations and bodily transformations, Liquid City presents an edgy vision of lives in cities past, present, and future.

Liquid City, Vol. 1 (Liquid City)
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