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Musa And The Blade

Q. 'Abdullah Muhammad

Young Adult

Adventure, Action


In the village of Al-'Aqrab, there lived a young orphan by the name of Musa ibn Rudainah. Shunned for what he inherited of his mother's legacy, he was ever the target of his people's scorn and contempt. Even so, his aging grandfather, Talha, knew that Musa was the rightful heir to the legendary Ladghatul-'Aqrab; a sword whose fame and glory were known throughout all the lands. With countless foes plotting to get their hands on it, Talha, the current keeper of the blade, must prepare his grandson for what awaits him of impending perils and predicaments. Join Musa as he delves into a world of excitement and adventure, of swords and savagery; finding his place as the inheritor of the blade and forging a legacy of his own

Musa And The Blade
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