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This Book Is Feminist: An Intersectional Primer for Next-Gen Changemakers

Jamia Wilson, (i) Aurelia Durand


Nonfiction, Feminism, LGBTQ+

August 3rd, 2021

A vibrantly illustrated introduction to intersectional feminism for preteens and teens, This Book is Feminist explores the history and meaning of the movement through 15 reasons why feminism improves life for everyone. By exploring who has been left out of the movement historically, author Jamia Wilson makes sure everybody is included.

What have you been taught about who has power and who makes the rules? Have you ever been lost for words at an old-school family friend’s ‘kind but sexist’ comments? Do you agree with equality and strive for justice, but struggle to take on the name ‘Feminist’? Then read on.

In this new feminist classic, explore the points where sexism, ableism, racism, transphobia, and sizeism meet. This book's focus is intersectional from the beginning, not just as an add-on. Using the framework of 'personal is political', Jamia Wilson—director of the Feminist Press—analyses her own experiences, before expanding outwards and drawing on stats, quotes and feminist firebrands to gain strength from. ​

Expand what feminism means to you, your community and society by examining these 15 themes: feminism, identity, justice, education, money, power, health, wellness, freedom, relationships, media, safety, activism and movements, innovation, and an interactive exploration of what feminism means to you.

You will close the book with an understanding that history and culture play a role in shaping systems of power and of what we can do with our strengths, community and values to help change course when needed. You won't have read a feminist tome like this before.

This Book Is Feminist: An Intersectional Primer for Next-Gen Changemakers
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