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Flood City

Daniel José Older

Middle Grade

Science Fiction


Flood City is the last inhabitable city left above the waters that cover the earth. It’s also the last battleground between the Chemical Barons, who once ruled the planet and now circle overhead in spaceships, and the Star Guard, aliens who have controlled the city for decades. Born and raised in Flood City, Max has no desire to be part of either group. All he wants is to play his music with the city orchestra, keep his sister away from the Star Guard, and be noticed by the beautiful drummer Djinna — even a little.

Meanwhile, Ato is a Chemical Baron, a soldier in the battle to reclaim Earth for the Chemical Dynasty. He wants only to stay safe, keep his twin brother alive, and not hurt innocents — human, animal, or alien. So on the day his commander prepares to wipe out Flood City completely, Ato betrays him and everything he’s ever known to protect the things he loves.

When Max finds Ato wounded and alone after the attack, the two enemies discover they are more alike than different. And if they are going to stop the destruction of Flood City and the coming war, they will need to rely on each other.

Flood City
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