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Now we know that the BIPOC Bookshelf is not the only place that uplifts BIPOC writers, creators, and stories. We're not the first and we definitely won't be the last. Check out the list below and see how you can support their cause!

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In alphabetical order...

Text: Adiba Jaigirdar Author

Twitter: @adiba_j

Instagram: @dibs_j

What They're About: Bengali Books is a list curated by Adiba Jaigirdar, a Bangladeshi/Irish writer and teacher. "There is unfortunately still a dearth of books by and about Bengali people across publishing. There is even more of a dearth of specifically books by and about Bangladeshi people."

How You Can Support: Support the author! Purchase their books so they can publish more stories!

A black girl with a computer, coffee, and books with text saying "Reading Middle Grade"

Twitter: @AfomaUmesi

What They're About: Book Blogger, Afoma's creation is "a celebration of African fiction (fiction by Africans, at home or in the diaspora). There are reviews from picture books to adult for both fiction and nonfiction.

How You Can Support: Support this blogger by purchasing a book via her site/affiliate links.

BIPOC Bookshelf yellow book logo

BIPOC Bookshelf (Formerly "The Bookshelf")

Instagram: @bipoc_bookshelf

What They're About: The BIPOC Bookshelf is for writers, readers, and literary professionals. We aim to uplift stories by Black, Indigenous, People of Color and its intersectionalities, help all to discover new titles by BIPOCs, find and connect publishing professionals, and provide resources to potential (BIPOC) writers.

How You Can Support: Spread the word! Give us a shout out! Boost us by telling a friend or letting people know how this platform has helped you. The only way we can help/achieve our purpose is if others know we exist! If you'd like to help cover the cost of hosting, hiring third parties for assistance, giveaways, and more, the BIPOC Bookshelf is accepting subscribers via Patreon, donations via Ko-Fi, and Boosters. More information can be found throughout this website.

A purple sloth holding a rainbow colored book.

Twitter: @bookslothapp

What They're About: Based in Puerto Rico and founded by Lincy Ayala and Xiomara Figueroa, BookSloth is a personalized book recommendation app for Young Adult readers that makes the book discovery process both fun and easy and ensures readers find books they will love and people to discuss them with.

Text: We Are Geeks of Color - Brown logo with two brown fists.

Twitter: @GeeksOfColor

What They're About: "Geeks of Color is an online community that highlights diversity in the world of geek. We inform, entertain, and interact in support of diverse comics, writers, characters, and more." Their mission is "to create an inclusive environment for geeks of color while uplifting diversity within popular culture."

How You Can Support: Check out their store.


Black and white logo with books and the words: kiBooka - Kids' Books by Korean Americans (and Korean Diaspora)

What They're About: "This kiBooka website is a source of great happiness for me. When my career began more than 20 years ago, there were very few creators of Korean ancestry publishing in the US—it would have been a forlorn site indeed! I’m excited about the talented writers and artists whose books are now available, and hope you will enjoy learning about them and their work." — Linda Sue Park (Author & Creator of kiBooka)

How You Can Support: Support the author! Buy their books! Uplift the kiBooka platform!


Twitter: @LGBTQReads

What They're About: LGBTQ Reads is a site dedicated to promoting curated LGBTQIAP+ literature for all ages, run by author and blogger Dahlia Adler.

How You Can Support: Support the platform by spreading the word. You can also support monetarily. Check it out HERE.

Three black books logo. Text: The Story Graph

Twitter: @thestorygraph

What They're About: A site for you to track your reading and choose your next book. In the mood for something adventurous, funny, and fast-paced? What about a darker, slower, more emotional book? Whatever you're in the mood for, mix and match our comprehensive set of filter options to find a book just right for you. Founded by Nadia Odunayo. Built by her and Rob Frelow.

How You Can Support: Using the platform!

Melanin in YA logo with different shades of brown water colors.

Twitter: @melanin_ya

Instagram: @melanininya

What They're About: Created by Melody L. Simpson. "Ultimately, Melanin in YA is a place where you can go to for everything and we mean everything Black in traditional YA publishing."

How You Can Support: Visit their Ko-Fi and Patreon!


Text: the letter M in a circle and a brown background.

Instagram: @melanin_library

What They're About: The Melanin Library and Melanin Ink are both extension of Written in Melanin Publishing, an independent publisher created for the sole purpose of creating and promoting books by Black authors that feature Black and Brown main characters.

How You Can Support: Donate! More info here:

Open rainbow colored book over the text "Rich in Color"

Instagram: @richincolor_ya

What They're About: Rich in Color is dedicated to reading, reviewing, talking about, and otherwise promoting young adult fiction starring or written by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). We believe that teens should be able to find themselves in the kinds of books they love to read.

We Are Adult Lit. Orange banner with BIPOC people. Text: Supporting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Authors of Adult Literature

Twitter: @WeAre_ALit

What They're About: We Are Adult Lit is a Twitter-based community that engages, promotes, and supports BIPOC authors of Adult Literature. We will host regular chats for agented and un-agented writers (#ALitChat), interviews with BIPOC Adult Literature authors (#ALitConvo), and sprints (#ALitSprints) to encourage productivity for creatives.

I created the #WeAreALit platform because BIPOC authors of Adult literature deserve to be celebrated, supported, and boosted. Adult literature (both fiction and non-fiction) has greatly impacted my personal writing journey, especially books written by Black women. I believe that all authors of color have unique and necessary stories to tell and #WeAreALit aims to support and showcase them!

How You Can Support: We Are A Lit boosts BIPOC adult releases via twitter. Boost the platform's posts and spread the word to help support!

Text and logo: We need diverse books

WNDB (We Need Diverse Books)

Twitter: @diversebooks

What They're About: We Need Diverse Books™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and a grassroots organization of children’s book lovers that advocates essential changes in the publishing industry to produce and promote literature that reflects and honors the lives of all young people. Their mission is to put more books featuring diverse characters into the hands of all children.

#WNDB offers not only mentorships, but internships, grants, other programs, and more.

How You Can Support: You can volunteer or donate! More information can be found here:

Are we missing a diverse platform that uplifts BIPOC writers? Comment below!

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